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Head Office on the move!

Our Head Office in Brooklyn Victoria is on the move!

Burgess Street in Brooklyn has been our home for many years and seen constant improvements made to it. Unfortunately with the growth & expansions that IRS have had, we can no longer sustain our current workload in our Office & Warehouse.

We have seen constant additions in staff, so much so that we were forced to lease our next door office space to accommodate more new staff. Our warehouse has seen multiple mezzanine's added and offices built within it but it is purely not enough for the way we are heading with more and more businesses wanting to use IRS International as their contractors.

Our new warehouse & office space has been specifically built with the ideas of IRS Management and we are looking at kicking off our operations in our new Laverton North location from Monday 21st December, 2020.

The new office space will be able to accommodate all our office staff and our warehouse will be a more efficient and effective area with plenty of space not to mention our purposely built training room being built for our apprentices to learn and grow as well as for our customers to be able to come and learn.

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