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Delivery Men

IRS International are the exclusive Distribution Parts Centre of Daikin Reefer parts & products for Oceania, EU & Dubai. We also stock spare parts for all manufactured types of reefers whilst also being able to provide other parts, which international ports & container yards may require in order to run power for reefers.

IRS International’s Reefer & Cargo Care Divisions monitor over 1000 containers per day in Australia & New Zealand and in order for those divisions to be efficient, our Spare Parts Centres work extremely hard to ensure that any part required by our technicians are in stock and available for use.

It is imperative that our warehouses have all of the parts available all day, every day. With the large stock of spare parts that we hold, we are able to offer these parts for purchase to our customers and the general public.

IRS Spare Parts Centre not only holds the new equipment that manufacturers have introduced, we also stock some of the old parts so that old systems can still be repaired to hopefully allow container owners some additional years to some of their old containers which they have tried to keep running.

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