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Our Cargo Care division was built as an option for International Ports that would handle large volumes of refrigerated cargo with a more professional and ultimate service available.


We believe that by having the #1 reefer vendor in charge, it would not only provide a more professional service to the port, but also offer more effective and possible cost & time saving option for the ports.

Our first Cargo Care team was built and introduced at Victoria International Container Terminal (VICT) in Melbourne, Australia.


IRS have fully qualified & trained technicians and monitoring staff to service the equipment and offer a comprehensive range of services to VICT which is also available to all other ports around Australia & New Zealand which are mentioned below.



With IRS Cargo Care onsite, you can expect all reefers to be treated as a priority! IRS are the leader when it comes to the service, maintenance & repairs of reefer containers in Australia & New Zealand.

We service hundreds of containers each and every day and our Cargo Care team is specifically on site as a priority service to the designated port without interference. All breakdowns are attended to as a priority and every container is a priority regardless of the shipping line it belongs to. 



The Cargo Care team are onsite 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, every day of the year.


All reefers, either off loaded from the vessel or brought in via the road are immediately under the supervision of the Cargo Care Team which provides peace of mind to the port/terminal that a team led by qualified reefer technicians are in control.


Greater Productivity

With IRS International on site and monitoring all reefers, you will find better port productivity thanks to fewer yard movements and less contractors on site. The ability to have the #1 reefer vendor in charge allows the professionals to view each container and ensure all containers are cargo worthy and not running with any faults. 

The ability to determine and detect any early problems that would not be visible to the untrained eye can save potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars of goods each day from being ruined. 


Quick Response

The IRS Cargo Care team are located within the port, this means they are immediately in possession of all reefer containers once offloaded, and are able to attend to any breakdown instantly without any delay.

The benefits regarding quick response times can also be defined with the following:

  • Quick response for reefer plugins after vessel offload

  • Quick response times to broken down reefers from voyage

  • Quick response times to breakdowns at the port

  • Quick identification of issues which may cause a breakdown in near future

  • Quick download of required data fast tracked and sent to clients

  • Quick Repair Times as technicians already diagnose problems without delays and use parts they already stock in their stocked IRS vehicles


Cost Savings

The Cargo Care team are not only on site to improve monitoring & reduce response times but they also serve as a cost effective option when you consider what would normally transpire at a typical international port.

Our Cargo Care team can save costs by eliminating the following:

  • No Call out Fees to breakdowns as technicians are on site

  • No container movements required for breakdowns due to technicians already being on site and able to repair and service from current location.

  • Minimise insurance claims with less wasted stock from possible breakdowns.

  • Ability to plug-in/plug-out more containers with IRS technicians able to fix/adjust any plus immediately that requires immediate action


Minimised Unpowered Containers

When reefer containers require attention or repairs, this usually entails the reefer being unplugged and moved to another location where it is then accessible by an IRS technician for repair. This process can be a lengthy process as IRS would then dispatch a technician after receiving a phone call (which the call can be delayed if the port are busy) and then further delayed upon entry when the port are able to grant clearance past the security gate.

The IRS Cargo Care team eliminates these lengthy delays by only unplugging reefers whilst the reefer is being repaired and then it is back running reducing possible wastage. 

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