IRS International has been the market leader in container refrigeration across Australia and New Zealand. We service & repair refrigerated containers for all major shipping Lines and our major goal is to ensure cargo arrives at its destination fresh and ready for distribution & sale.

IRS International headquarters is located in Melbourne, Australia with branches throughout most major cities of Australia and New Zealand. The company is owned by Daikin Industries Japan, and comes under the Refrigeration Division based in Osaka.

International Reefer Services dated back to the early 1980’s, but since then had been purchased by many different companies until May 2008, where Daikin purchased IRS. The name was changed to IRS International and a New Zealand arm was added to the ever growing Australian Operation. In 2016 a Dubai branch of IRS International was also added to our company.

Now IRS International operates as cooperating national companies in Australia, New Zealand and Dubai. This makes us the largest reefer service company in Australasia with views to expand the business internationally.

We pride ourselves on service, quality and speed. We also have great impact on the industry training, a large a number of apprentices and continually train staff to aide in our ability to promote within the company.